Instagram has a 30 hashtag limit in the captions of its photos. However, you're able to double the amount of hashtags in your images if you put them in a comment below the caption. In this support article, we'll show you how to do this in Social Report. We'll also give you a few best practices for adding extra hashtags. 

Before we start, follow our guide on adding your Instagram Business account to Social Report. You must use an Instagram Business account to schedule Instagram posts directly from Social Report.

Let's dive in.

1. Create a new Instagram post on Social Report

Do this by clicking the Schedule A Post button at the upper righthand corner of the Project screen. Then, upload your image and select the Instagram Business account you'd like to post to. Make sure to select Direct Scheduling underneath in the Instagram box.

Compose a new Instagram post in Social Report

2. Add 30 hashtags in the caption and clicked Advanced Options

Now, click the Customize for Instagram button at the top of the window. Here, you can add a caption for your photo and add the first 30 hashtags. To make your post look cleaner, format your caption like this:

[caption goes here]






#hashtag #hashtag #hashtag #hashtag #hashtag #hashtag #hashtag #hashtag #hashtag #hashtag #hashtag #hashtag #hashtag #hashtag #hashtag #hashtag #hashtag #hashtag #hashtag #hashtag #hashtag #hashtag #hashtag #hashtag #hashtag #hashtag #hashtag #hashtag #hashtag #hashtag #hashtag 

Formatting your post like this hides your hashtags from sight when its viewed from the timeline. However, your image will still appear in search results for said hashtags. Once you've added your 30 hashtags, click the Advanced Options button at the bottom of the window.

Add your first 30 Instagram hashtags in Social Report

3. Immediately comment 30 more hashtag on the photo 

Click through the scheduling screens and choose when you'd like your Instagram photo to be posted. Click through the menu until you hit step three. Scroll down and add 30 more hashtags in the Instagram Post Additional Comment box using the same format as the caption.

This comment will be posted alongside the photo, so your post appear when someone searchs for said hashtags.

Add 30 more Instagram hashtags in a comment in Social Report

4. Finish scheduling your post

Now, click through to the end of the scheduling process. Your Instagram post will be published with all 60 hashtags.

Manage your Instagram accounts with Social Report