How To Improve Engagement

One of the common questions we get from our users is how to improve engagement. How to get more interactions with followers using the content that our users schedule on their social media profiles. We typically begin by going over the best practices, such as posting truly interesting content and figuring out when to post content to reach the right audience.

One interesting misconception some social media managers often have is about a lifecycle of any content they post is they feel that by posting content on their social profiles they basically make it available for their followers to see. This is indeed true; however, it is important to understand the dynamic. Your followers don't come to your page to see content, but instead they see your content because it is delivered to their timeline. The reason why this is an important distinction is that you can't really think of your content as something that resides on your social media profiles for everyone to see. Your followers almost never visit your profiles! Huh? That's right – your followers will not take time to come to your profiles and see your posts.  

Think of your post as an object floating in a river. Your followers are standing on the shore of the river. If they happen to be there – they see the floating object. If your followers weren't at the shore – they will not.

As you can imagine your followers check their feeds at different times during the day. So how do you ensure your post reaches them? The answer is actually pretty simple and it may even feel wrong. The idea is you would need to post your content many times over to make sure that you are seen by as many different followers as possible. We call it “content recycling". Obviously, you want to be careful and not repeat your content in a way that would be easy to spot as being repetitive.

So how do you recycle content? In Social Report, this is actually fairly simple. You would simply designate best posts as ‘evergreen' (posts that can be recycled) and we will do the rest by distributing your evergreen content. You can learn more about it here:

The beauty of this is that this is a kind of trick that is completely effortless. You are, in effect, able to double or triple your engagement without having to produce more content. You simply take what you have and squeeze more engagement juice out of it. We've seen tremendous results with this approach and we continue to advocate for it. Let us know what kind of results you achieve!