Complete Social Media Guide for Restaurants


Using Social Media to Promote Your Restaurant

Social media has rapidly grown to become the way in which people share everything from intimate moments to product reviews. Leveraging this platform, in all its forms, enables the smart entrepreneur to quickly reach out to both existing and new clients with ease. Here are some things to bear in mind when reaching out to the nearly 50% of the population that is influenced by social media on a daily basis.


Choosing the Right Platform Is Key to Getting Your Message Out

Social media platforms range from Twitter and Facebook to industry-specific groups on sites like LinkedIn. Since your restaurant is focused mainly on the general public it is best to focus on social media platforms with the greatest reach into your local area.

There is more to advertising than simply listing your address and menu. Creating engaging content is vital for obtaining and maintaining consumer interest in your brand. This is a continuous process that, when done properly, will find a place into your daily schedule. Nearly 47% of millennials are influenced by social media, making each post a vital opportunity to increase market awareness and gain increased access to a rapidly growing demographic. Here are some things to bear in mind when starting your social media campaign:



Facebook is the quintessential social media platform, being the first truly successful Web 2.0 site to garner interest among nearly every demographic. Facebook enables you to create dedicated business pages and leverage their extensive personal information database to craft advertisements that directly reach those most interested in what you have to offer. Here are some specific things you can do to maximize your impact on Facebook:


Create a Business Page

Your page should tackle nearly every question prospective diners may have. Where are you located? What specials are you running? What do other people have to say?

Utilize Facebook Advertising

Facebook collects information on every search and post made through the platform. This enables the company to create a comprehensive database that can be leveraged to create targeted advertising based upon geographic location, prior purchase history, and personal preference. When



Creating a business profile and advertisements for your brand has never been easier thanks to Instagram. This platform heavily leverages multimedia content in order to entice end-users to discover and share information about your products or services. Thanks to its integration with modern communication platforms, Instagram is capable of driving customers to your door as long as you’re willing to showcase the best that you have to offer.


Thought I was in SoHo, didn't you? I'm actually pre-flight at the Chicago @United Polaris Lounge 😋✈️ #DreamPolaris #partner

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Create an Instagram Ad

Instagram specializes in mixing advertisements with regular posts. If you focus your ads on what consumers want then they will help attract new clients.

Create Regular, Media-Rich, Posts

Instagram focuses on graphics before text. Leverage this by including images of your best dishes and happy customers.



Pinterest is used by busy people looking for new things to experience, be it home improvement or lunch. Posts on this platform should be focused on new experiences, such as interesting dishes or special events. Here are some things you can do with Pinterest:

  • Show Recipes
  • Invite Feedback with Picture of Food
  • Bring Your Workforce Forward with Individualized Posts



Fill out All of Your Profiles

If you’re just getting started on your social media accounts, make sure pertinent information like your hours and contact information can be easily accessed on your profile. The less clicks it takes to find out about your bar, the better.



Social media is about creating additional community in which businesses and the general public can communicate in an equitable and transparent manner. Always be ready to accept feedback and to respond to both praise and criticism in order to identify opportunities for improving your business in the real world. Turn to Social Report for the analysis needed to determine the next step in your social media advertising journey.