You can post multiple images at once to some social networks.

Social networks that allow multiple image posting:

1. Facebook - up to 5 images 
2. Twitter - up to 4 images
3. Instagram - up to 5 images

To begin, go to Publishing and then either click View Calendar and click on any given day to schedule a post, click Schedule a Post to open the post scheduler, or simply click Compose at the top of your Dashboard. Select your content group, or choose to post without a content group, and you'll get to this screen:


Click Attach Media to open the Media Library and start selecting the images you want to post to your social profile (maximum of 5):

Multiple Photos In Media Library
Multiple Photo Composer Window


With Facebook you can post two ways:

- Post as multiple images
- Post as carousel

To select the which mode you'd like to post, after confirming the caption per image, go to the Advanced Options and select from the dropdown under Facebook Multiple Images:

Facebook Multiple Images Options

Example of a Multi-image Post:

Example of a Multi-image Post
Example of a Carousel Post:
Example of a Carousel Post


You may only add up to a maximum of 4 images with Twitter.

Twitter Post


You can post multiple images to Instagram using Email and SMS. For Email, the images are attached in the email for you to download whereas in SMS you will receive a unique link which when clicked will direct you to a page similar below where all the images can be downloaded and posted on Instagram.

Instagram Posting Multiple Images

Note: Keep in mind that while you can add multiple images to a post, you cannot add more than a single GIF image to each post.