In Social Report, social profiles that are connected can have any of 4 profile statuses or 3 publish statuses. Let's go over what each of those statuses are and if there is any action needed to be taken by you.

Profile Status

Profile Status


If you see the profile status Initializing... then it means you've recently added this profile to Social Report. When you first add your social profile to a project, the initial loading and analytics gathering may take 24-48 hours.


An Active social profile status means everything's good to go! The initial loading has been completed and your project will have the most recent data available for that account.


A paused profile means that we cannot obtain data for reports nor able to schedule content for this profile. 

Access Problem

The access problem status indicates that there is something wrong and we are no longer able to access that account. This can happen for many reasons: expired access (such as Linkedin), changes in settings, etc. The easiest and most common way to fix this is to re-connect the social profile to the project.

Note that it is not necessary to delete the social profile in order to re-connect it to the project. By reconnecting, instead of deleting and adding again, you'll be able to retain the account's data from before the access problem began occurring.

Publish Status

Publish Status


Profiles that have No as the publish status indicates that you do not have permission to post to that account. This is typically what happens when you connect accounts you don't own, for example, competitor profiles, in order to track their social media accounts. Social Report will collect public data on those accounts for analytical purposes, however, since you do not own the account, Social Report is unable to publish to it.

Via Mobile

If you see a profile with Via Mobile listed as it's publish status, this means that any content to be published will need our iOS or Android apps to finalize any scheduled posting. This is the case with Instagram personal profiles: You are able to schedule posts within the dashboard and when the time comes for the content to go live, you will receive a notification on the mobile app to post.


A profile with Yes listed on its publish status indicates that Social Report has permission to publish to that account. Publishing posts will occur automatically on the pre-set times indicated by the posting schedule.

Depends on group settings

When you connect a Facebook group to a project, you'll see Depends on group settings as a publish status. What this means is, if the administrator of the group you've added has given you permission to post, then you will be able to post using Social Report, however, if you do not have permission, then Social Report will not be able to bypass that and you will not be able to post.