Instagram is making some changes to its social media platform and this time it’s to its Stories feature. Having been added over a year ago, Instagram’s Stories has been competing with Snapchat. With an average of 250 million daily users, Instagram has surpassed Snapchat’s 173 million users and now Instagram is going to make it easier to share Stories with other users.

With their update from September 12th, users will now be able to share stories easily via direct message. Similar to the stories, when it expires or disappears from the app, it’ll also be removed from the DM inbox and message thread.

How to Share Stories via DM

As the update rolls out within the next few weeks, make sure to check the App store or Google Play for an update. If you see it, make sure to download and install the updates to enable this feature.

Once you have this update, you should be able to share stories with other users via direct message. To do this, click on a story you want to share. From there, you should see the small envelope icon on the bottom. You can click this icon and you’ll see a list of users that you frequently interact with. You can either select a user form that list or type in the search box to find a user to share it with.

After you select a user to send it with, you can include a message and send it. When someone else shares a story with you, you’ll be able to find it with the rest of your messages in the direct message inbox.


Sharing Settings

After you update the app for this feature to be enabled, your stories will be sharable by default. Depending on if your Instagram account is set to Public or Private will determine who will be able to view and share your stories. With this new feature, you’re also given control over whether or not you want your stories to be shareable.

Head over to the options menu from your profile screen and click “Story Settings”. From here, you’ll be able to toggle the “Allow Sharing” option. If you disable sharing, users will be able to see your stories, but won’t be able to share it with others via direct message.


Instagram’s focus on updating direct messaging features, including the recent update allowing users to place stickers on images, as well as the ability to include links in DMs, could show marketers that there’s definitely potential benefits to consider in user’s behaviors using the platform’s messaging service.