Customer experience is your customer’s perception of how they’ve been treated by your company. The perceptions affect their behaviors and create feelings that determine their loyalty. Essentially, if they like your company, and continue to like you, they will continue to do business with you and recommend you to others.
Regardless of whether your business is large or small, your customers deserve top quality customer service. More and more companies are realizing the ever growing need of putting the customer service at the forefront as research shows just how much of the buying experience is based on how they feel they are being treated.
As a digital marketer, there are several ways you can ensure your customers are provided the best customer service in the digital age.
Be Responsive
Most Consumers will admit that it is very frustrating dealing with a company that is hard to get ahold of. If they have a questions or need help with an issue, they want to be able to reach someone right away.
If you want to keep your customers happy and help imprint a positive perception of your brand’s customer experience, you need to make sure you’re being responsive.
These are great tips to implement if you’re not doing so already:
  • Publish up to date information in a place that is easily visible
  • Offer customers multiple channels to get support
  • Do what your best to be proactive is assisting you customers
Always make sure you’re keeping your customers aware when it comes to any down-time, issues, or updates to your product and services. Communicate these in an effective way and try to add some positives along with the information, this way they will be aware and expect certain issues and not be caught off guard.
You can add a news page to your website, notify them about updates via social channels, and even send regular newsletters. Do what you need to, to make sure they’re always in the loop.
Listen and Build Trust
As a digital marketer, you should be attentive to what your customers have to say. There’s a great chance you could be missing our on important tips from your customers than could give your product or feature a competitive edge. Regardless of what the feedback is about, you should always be listening and making them aware that you are.
A great way to let them know you’re listening is to add customer feedback forms on your website. Customers will easily be able to reach out to you, but be sure to respond to them. Another point is response; by responding to your customer’s feedback and complaints, whether through a form or through social channels, you’re letting them know that you care and you’re listening to them.
Your customers need to be able to trust you, that’s the only way to make sure they’ll be in it for the long run. You need to consistent in your messages and communication with them. Let them know exactly what you plan on doing to fix their issue, a timeframe they can expect if possible, and what other steps they can expect from you in order to prevent something like that from happening again.
Social channels and feedback forms aren’t the only way to listen and build trust with your customers. Having a “self-service” section on your website can greatly impact your credibility, showing your customers that you’ve taken the time to gather frequently asked questions or issues and given them away to find answers on their own. This can help your staff in the long run, putting less pressure and stress on your customer service team.
Be Personal
According to recent study by Adobe, when asked what will be most important to marketing in the future, personalization was at the top of the list. Your brand's website, social channels, and mobile experience are all mediums that can be used for personalizing your customer's experience.
By personalizing your website or user experience, it takes out that impersonal aspect of online interactions. You're able to make your customers feel cared for and relevant. Here are some great ways to make it personal:
Personalize the User Interface
By including your customer's name on email newsletters, notifications, or even just on their login page, you help create a more personal environment letting them know that they're more than just a number to your company.
Amazon first popularized the practice of using user's purchase histories in order to create personalized product recommendations. Not only does this make the experience more personal, studies show this also helps drive more sales.
Personalize the Live Chat
Just like most customers dislike dealing with automated answering machines, they don't like being treated as just another customer. Software like Intercom and Zendesk's Chat allow you to engage with your customers in real-time while showing off your amazing customer service.
Intercom Mobile Chat
Whatever you decide to do, just make it personal. Your customers will thank you for creating an environment where they can feel like your company cares for them. Not only will this increase loyalty, but having a happy customer base can help you drive sales with referrals.