Automations are an integral part of any social media manager's day to day operations. Not everything that social media manager does requires a human interaction - hence if you are able to automate some of these activities - you can not only save time but also improve your social presence. You can learn more about automations here.


You can set-up several automations on your Facebook page to eliminate time consuming tasks. To set up a Facebook automation, go to Automations > New Automation > Facebook:

New Automation

Select from the list of available automations:

    • Like review - You can specify a minimum rating for a review that you would like to automatically like. Note that anything that contains profanity will not be liked.
Like review
    • Like comment - Like comments posted on your page and Any undesired content will not be liked. You may also add phrases you want to avoid.
Like commen
    • Hide comment - Hide comments that contain undesired content. You may also list down specific words you want hidden.
Hide comment
    • Delete comment - Delete comments that contain undesired content You may add more words to look out for.
Delete comment
    • Like page post - Like page posts submitted on your page
Like page post
    • Like mention - Like mentions of your page and exclude words or phrases to like.
Like mention

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