Tips For Getting More People Talking About Your Brand On Social Media

If you are struggling to get your audience to interact with you online or experiencing slow growth on social, it means that the current marketing strategies you have in place are not good for your business. In order to combat the decline of your organic reach on social media platforms, we must first understand why it happened and what caused it to fail. After all, we can't fix an issue without knowing how it started. 

Consistently producing content and publishing on various social media channels is great, but to achieve organic reach, you need to spark genuine conversations with your fans and followers. It's how you talk and the way you engage with them. In other words, it's not about the quantity or how often you post on social media online, it's focusing less on self-promotion and truly engaging with your audience by aligning with their interests and behaviors.

Now that you know the basic foundation of what truly makes a brand social, we've got a few growth marketing tips here to help you boost your social efforts and get better brand recognition.

Here are 5 tips to get more people to talk about your brand online:

1. Make Social Listening A Habit

Why should your business care about social listening?

How does it help brands in accomplishing their objectives?

Who, what and where should we listen to?

These are questions that come to mind first whenever the concept of social media listening is mentioned.

Your business needs to care about social listening because you can get actionable insights from people, specifically your consumers who are actively talking about your brand on social media with the help of a social media monitoring tool. It also helps brands in accomplishing their objectives by providing them with social data that gives them the ability to look for relevant conversations to join. 

If you're not engaged in social media listening, you're missing out on loads of marketing opportunities online and growth for your business. Basically, you're building your business strategies without having a full understanding of your current situation and that's bad for business. It's also likely that you're pushing through with your social media campaigns without a guaranteed return. You should listen to what your audience is saying about you, track your performance and identify which social media platforms they are most vocal on.

2. Understand Your Audience & Their Behavior

Research and locate your audience. If you find it hard to connect with your fans and followers on social media networks and do not know where they hang out online, you need to optimize your marketing efforts and make use of social media management platforms that will provide you crucial information, such as user behavior and social networks they spend most of their time on.

No digital marketers would want their social efforts to go to waste and their content dumped by an avalanche of new information being published every single day. That's why it's crucial to understand and identify the behavior of your audience for your business to develop an effective social media strategy.

Social Media Usage By NetworkSocial Media Usage By Network
Source: Manifesto Digital Agency

For example, you want to know which social media platform is the best avenue to run your paid campaigns. In order to identify that, you need a social media analytics tool that can compare network performance and understand the impact of that particular social media on your business. Their online activity or social data is your key to getting more people talk about your brand on social media. That is what makes the social data so valuable, especially when marketing a business online.

3. Content Should Be More Diverse

If you want to improve your engagement on social media, you should know how to diversify your content. People will unfollow a brand online if they find their content boring and repetitive. In fact, a study was conducted by Fractl and Buzzstream which involved 900 social media users to find out the reasons why users unfollow brands. The research also identified behaviors that companies should avoid making online, such as posting monotonous content and posting too frequently. Here’s a snippet of the infographic:

Why People Unfollow Brands On Social Media
Source: Adweek
  • 21% said they will unfollow a brand on social media if they are especially unnecessary and full of repetition.
  • 19% said they will unfollow a brand on Facebook if they post more than six times a day.
  • 8% said they will unfollow a brand on Twitter if they are not posting consistently and slow in giving responses to comments.

4. Encourage User-Generated Content

To grow your online presence and boost your search visibility on social media, you need to incorporate your audience, especially your fans, into the content creation process. Brands and advocates need to collaborate together and work on a project that will encourage clicks and interaction from your target market. This is what we call UGC or user-generated content. It's any form of social media content created by users made accessible online. It can take the form of a full blog post, a video for content or it could be as simple as a comment on your social media channels.

So, how do you encourage user-generated content?

  • Run contests or host giveaways on your social media channels
  • Ask thought-provoking questions that get your audience pondering
  • Make daily or weekly challenges that will prompt people to start a discussion
  • Leverage the power of hashtags by creating one that can identify your online community

5. Tap Into Trending Topics

One of the proven ways to get your audience talking about your brand is tapping into trending stories. You should know what topics are relevant to your audience. You also need to consider if it's something in line with your brand voice. That's why it's crucial to research your current followers and find conversations that they would most likely engage or comment on. When looking for trending topics, you can use web application tools like Google Trends. It's a platform that allows you to look for a particular topic online by using a specific set of search terms and keywords. You can also see topics that are most-searched by people and what else people are searching for related to it.

You need to let your audience know that you can be the resource they can turn to for industry-related updates by interacting with them as well as providing insightful feedback to people who have followed you online. It will clearly show the humanity of your brand and can possibly even give you an edge over your competitors. 

Whether your business is looking to increase brand awareness, develop stronger visibility on social media or strengthen the relationship with your consumers, consider these tips so you can maximize your social efforts and achieve your goal of getting more people to talk about your brand online.

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