Instagram's Recommended For You Feature

A few weeks after letting users follow their interests through hashtags, Instagram is quietly adding "Recommended for You" posts directly on your feed. The new feature will show posts that your friends liked or that the company’s algorithm thinks you will be interested in.

The recommended posts will appear directly on your feed along with the posts from people you follow and will only be differentiated by the "Recommended for You" label. The recommended content will contain three to five suggested posts according to a report from TechCrunch.

This new feature is one of the biggest and possibly most controversial changes made by the social media company since they switched to an algorithm-based feed. You may remember that the move from a chronological-based feed garnered very negative feedback from a wide array of users, and some have already expressed their disdain for the new recommended content through Twitter.

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Recommended content has always been available through the Explore section, and you will be able to see what your friends are liking by visiting the Following section. However, the feed was relatively untouched save for ads, which can make this the most invasive feature on the feed since the introduction of ads. Before ads, content on the feed was limited to people you follow. Now, the new recommended posts will show up alongside posts from people you follow and Instagram ads.

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Source: 9to5 Mac

Instagram will allow you to hide Recommended for You posts. To do this, simply tap on the three dots above the post (vertical for Android, horizontal for iPhone). Then, tap Hide. However, the option to hide is only temporary, and it isn’t clear how long these types of posts will remain hidden.

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A spokesperson confirmed that recommended posts won't be prioritized over posts from the people you follow, and instead will only show up after you've seen all the new posts in your feed.

Recently the social network allowed users to follow hashtags similar to how they follow accounts, and the injection of recommended content does raise concerns about how millions of users view their feed. The two new features add clutter to the feed and will make it harder for people to see posts from accounts they actually follow.

Instagram's move away from the chronological newsfeed has continued to draw the ire of its userbase. Do you think that the Recommended for You feature will suffer the same fate? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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