New Years Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to increase social media engagement—especially during the holidays. If you’re an influencer or run a brand that’s posting New Year’s Eve photos, make sure they’re properly tagged so you can skyrocket engagement and expand your audience before the holiday season comes to a close.

In this article, we’ll give you a rundown of the top hashtags for boosting engagement on your New Year’s Eve photos and show you how to use them. Each of the hashtags on this list fit at least one of the following criterium:

  • Current — the hashtag is relevant for New Year’s Eve 2018. This may refer to current events and slang.
  • Engagement — the hashtag has proven successful on previous New Year’s Eves
  • Classic — the hashtag is, put plainly, a classic. The hashtag may be cliche, but it will be used year after year.

Note that you should use more than one hashtag to promote your posts. This makes it so that if one hashtag is crowded, you can still rank highly for the others. Just don’t overload your Tweets and posts; it’s good practice to give each of your Tweets a two hashtag maximum.

1. #Midnight

The #Midnight hashtag is perfect for influencers posting party and Times Square “ball drop” photos. Brands, however, may have a hard time using it as the hashtag is often dominated by party pictures.

2. #NewYears2018 or #NYE2018

#NewYears is simple, but it’s one of the most well-used hashtags every New Year’s holiday. Use it to tag New Year’s sales, promotions, and special events.

3. #NewYearsResolution or #Resolutions

Discuss you or your brand’s 2018 New Year’s resolutions with #Resolutions. For added engagement, ask what your audience’s resolutions and see how your brand can help.

4. #Goodbye2017

Send off the old year with #Goodbye2017. This hashtag is great for sharing memories and highlighting happenings of the past year.

5. #Champagne

#Champagne wont work for all brands, but it has its place. This hashtag is commonly used by influencers covering New Year’s Eve parties and brands that are hosting their own events.

And there you have it: the top hashtags for boosting engagement on your New Year’s Eve photos. Whether you’re running a multinational brand or are just starting out as an influencer, hashtags can make or break your holiday social media campaign.

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