A social media manager is an essential member of any modern marketing team. This is generally the person that writes, schedules, and optimizes content for social media, manages your company’s multiple social media outlets, and whose goal is to drive traffic to your products, services, and published content.

Hiring the right social media manager can make a huge difference in your social media efforts, but it’s not an easy role to hire for. That’s why we created this: the quick guide to hiring an awesome social media manager in 2018. Here you’ll find five insights that will help you pick the perfect Social Media Manager for your team.

Look Outside of Social Media Experience

Obviously, you want to hire a social media manager that has a background in social media. However, keep other qualifications in mind too. Some other qualifications to look for include content writing, SEO, graphic design experience and a background in customer or client facing roles. This ensures the candidate is flexible and has a proven ability to conduct business in a professional manner.

Freelance of Full-Time?

Social Media Manager doesn’t need to be a full time role. In fact, some candidates may prefer to work as a freelancer or contractor. Consider how deep you need your social media manager to dive when choosing to hire freelance or full-time. If you need someone to research new blog posts and manage your long-term social strategy, you may want to hire full time. On the other hand, a freelancer may be adept if you just need someone to write and publish tweets.

Do They Have Customer Support Experience?

If your social media accounts handle social media support requests, you may elect your social media manager. to handle them. Prioritize candidates with previous customer support experience when hiring for this role and—if you’re a software company—give the new social media manager extensive training on the front-end of your product.

Do note that you can have your support team handle social media requests too. Just make sure that they keep in line with your company’s social media style.

Make Sure They Keep Up On Industry Trends

Social media changes daily. New platforms come about every few years, Facebook’s News Feed algorithm changes regularly, and new tools are introduced all the time. Make sure to hire someone that’s always learning and will stay up-to-date on social media trends. If you hire the right person, you ensure your social media team won’t fall behind over time and will stay on the bleeding edge of new trends.  

Proven Ability To Multitask

Multitasking and flexibility is essential to the social media manager role. One minute they’re writing a tweet announcing a new product, and the next they’re scheduling a Facebook Live event. Hire someone that thrives in an environment that may not have a concrete structure and who can jump task-to-task.

Happy Hiring!

There are tons of good social media manager candidates on the market, and we wish you the best of luck in your search. If you hire the right person, you’ll reap benefits of increased sales and traffic, so choose your hire wisely.