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Over the past few years, we've seen the internet take a new liking to "Creators". These are people that independently create content for the internet or run real-world small businesses and are largely working for themselves. We see this subset of people be promoted by social networks, web hosting companies, and other platforms that creators use to share and market their work. 

One great example of this is GoDaddy. The web host doesn't have the best track record when it comes to advertising (think Super Bowl 2013), but under new leadership, the company has switched marketing directions to focus on small businesses and creators that use its hosting services.

In this article, we'll show you three unique marketing initiatives GoDaddy excels at on its Instagram account. Take note of GoDaddy's strengths, and use them as inspiration to guide your own social media campaign in 2018. 

1. Creator Stories


All of GoDaddy's Instagram posts showcase a different creator or small business owner. Each post shows the founder, and the caption gives a backstory on their business and how it was started. Even better, each post directly links to the creator's Instagram account, letting them feed off of GoDaddy's huge social following. 

These types of posts are great for both GoDaddy and the businesses it showcases. Businesses get free publicity from being shouted out to GoDaddy's 15.5K Instagram followers, and GoDaddy gets good publicity by being an advocate for small businesses that use its product.

2. Celebrity Partnerships


Despite focusing on small creators, the brand has partnered with NASCAR driver Danica Patrick. This time, however, they've sponsored her final two NASCAR races and are supporting her new small business. This partnership gives the brand celebrity recognition and a throwback to past partnerships while showing how its committed to promoting creators and small businesses in the United States.  

3. Hometown Heroes


Even though GoDaddy is based in Scottsdale, Arizona, it maintains a large office in Los Angeles. Because of this, all of the creators featured on its Instagram are based in LA. We like this because their posts give back to a city that supports its brand, and gives a multi-national corporation a localized, "hometown heroes" feeling on Instagram.

If you run a web platform or other tool used by creators, consider partnering with local small businesses for your social media campaigns. It will give your local reputation a boost and encourage others in your area to use your platform to kickstart their businesses. 

Keep Creating!

Showcasing creators is a powerful way to market your online platform. It shows that you're engaged with your users and genuinely care about their talent. Have a favorite online creator? Tweet us and we'll retweet the best. 

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