Facebook News Stories Update 2018

It's no secret that Facebook Stories has lagged behind its more functional brother: Instagram Stories. It looks like that has finally started to change, however, as Facebook added more stickers, ability to tag other users, and even local weather conditions to the feature.

Additionally, an editor from the The Next Web reported on Twitter that poll stickers (similar to Instagram) are in Facebook Stories but are still hidden. For brands, polls open up a world of a new world of engagement. This is largely because it lets users quickly interact directly with their favorite brands. Hopefully Facebook opens this feature soon on Facebook Stories.

Facebook Stories launched in early 2017 and has received less fanfare than its Instagram counterpart. This is likely due to the fact that Instagram Stories have grown significantly since they launched—over 250 million people use the feature daily.

We're hopeful that Facebook adding more features to Stories will increase its usage and engagement. Brands have been able to post to Facebook Stories since late last year, though we're hard-pressed to find a brand that uses it actively. However, with Facebook's massive user base, bringing Stories up to speed with Instagram may finally open Stories up to the masses. 

Do you use Facebook Stories? Why or why not? Let us know on Twitter and we'll retweet your thoughts. 

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