Tactical Arbitrage is a software company that makes software for Fulfilled by Amazon sellers. The software helps Amazon sellers source products, price them right, and even manage their inventory. 

The software's main advertising outlet is Facebook Groups. Its Group—FBA Tactical Arbitrage—has over 16,000 members. All of these members are Amazon sellers, and the Groups is full of discussion about the Tactical Arbitrage software, Amazon seller tips, and general discussion on being an Amazon seller. It's truly a community for Amazon sellers. 

In this article, we'll show you what FBA Tactical Arbitrage does right on its Facebook Group. Use its rights to make a fantastic Facebook Group for your company that builds a community around your product and industry. 

Let's jump in!

Active moderators 

Tactical Arbitrage's moderators are active.

FBA Tactical Arbitrage's moderators are extremely active on the Group. Oftentimes you'll see them replying to support requests, discussing new products to sell on Amazon, and otherwise interacting with the community. 

One of the best ways to grow a Facebook Groups is by having active moderators and administrators. If you're a team of one, this means replying to comments and posting new content and call-to-actions on your Group on a regular basis. This works so well because it builds trust in the community's leadership—something necessary for all successful Facebook Groups. 

Moderators use Facebook Live

Using Facebook Live in Groups.

Another great way that the FBA Tactical Arbitrage moderators interact with their Group members is by hosting occasional Facebook Live events. Moderators generally host these once-per-month and discuss topics related to the Tactical Arbitrage software (think how-to's) and other topics related to being an Amazon seller. 

Generally, these Facebook Live streams are hosted by two Group moderators. We like this because it gives a conversational and panel-style feel to the stream versus a one-sided Q&A. 

Facebook Live is a great way to get face time with your Group members. Use it to discuss current events in your industry, make product announcements, or take questions from your audience. This helps put a moderator's face to a name in your Group, and continues on our last point on building trust.

A short set of well-respected rules

Transparently enforced Group rules

Every Group needs a set of rules. Tactical arbitrage has a short but well-respected list of rules that are often enforced by Group moderators. In Tactical Arbitrage, the rules boil down to keeping discussion on-topic and respectful. This keeps Group members in-line and lets moderators fairly keep order in the Group.

One thing Tactical Arbitrage doesn't do, however, is list the rules as a pinned post or on their About page. Instead, moderators list the rules as comments when they're broken. We recommend listing your Group rules clearly in a pinned post to reduce confusion.

Now, start a Group for your brand!

As you can see, FBA Tactical Arbitrage is a great Facebook Groups effort by Tactical Arbitrage. The Group is thriving because of solid leadership that interacts with its loyal community and helps its members further their businesses. Keep these points in mind when creating a Group for your brand. 

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