Social News Wednesday: Twitter, Facebook, and more.

Happy Hump Day! On this edition of Social News Wednesday, we're covering the latest developments from the Big Three social networks. So far, Instagram added new sharing features, Facebook confirmed its influencer marketing search engine, and Twitter announced changes to its algorithm. 

What a week, right!? We'll give you a brief overview of each of these developments in the text below. Let's jump in!

Instagram adds sharing options

Sharing Instagram posts to your Story
Image via TechCrunch

Instagram answered our prayers: it finally added a re-sharing option.

The feature lets you share Instagram posts with your friends via Instagram Stories. To share a post, tap the paper airplane button below the photo you'd like to share and tap "Create a story with this post" from the proceeding menu. Then, the Stories editor will open and the selected photo will be imported as a sticker.  

Think of it as retweets for Instagram.

Instagram's re-sharing feature is available today on Android and launches on iOS later this week. Note that you can only share posts from public Instagram accounts, and sharing can be disabled if desired.

We're happy to see Instagram add this long-requested feature. In the past, users relied on third-party applications (or screenshots) to re-post photos. This often leads to users being improperly credited for original content and poses a security risk when using third-party apps. 

Facebook confirms leaked influencer marketing features

 Facebook's leaked influencer marketing search tool
Image via

German blog leaked screen shots on an upcoming Facebook influencer marketing search engine earlier this year. This feature will help brands find influencers on Facebook that can help them create sponsored content. Think of it as Google for social media influencers. 

This week, Facebook confirmed to TechCrunch that the feature is on its way and dished out a few details on the platform. Facebook states that it won't charge for the service, and all brand-to-influencer connections will be handled directly by the two parties. Additionally, brands will be able to search for influencers by gender, interests, where they're popular, and more. 

Twitter changes its algorithm to hide spam

When you view the replies to a celebrity Tweet, chances are the first thing you see are bots or other fake accounts. 

Luckily, that's no more.

Twitter recently changed the algorithm it uses to rank replies to Tweets. Now, Tweets in conversations and search are ranked based on an expanded set of information. Twitter says it now uses the following information to rank Tweets and fight spam: 


Just a few examples include if an account has not confirmed their email address, if the same person signs up for multiple accounts simultaneously, accounts that repeatedly Tweet and mention accounts that don’t follow them, or behavior that might indicate a coordinated attack. We’re also looking at how accounts are connected to those that violate our rules and how they interact with each other.

Spam Tweets aren't deleted automatically. Instead, these Tweets are placed underneath the "Show more replies" button so they're less likely to be seen by the public.

Hooray for less spam!

Stay tuned

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