7 Business Podcasts for Summer Walks on the Beach

Podcasts are a timeless art. They provide free and easy to digest content that helps you improve whatever skill you're working on. But like anything else on the internet, not all podcasts are worth your time. 

In this article, we'll show you the seven best business podcasts to check out this summer. Listen to them on your summer walks on the beach, subway commutes, or wherever else you want a daily dose of awesome business content. 

Let's dive in!

The Marketing Companion Podcast — Mark Schaefer and Tom Webster

The Marketing Companion podcast gives you great marketing insights

The Marketing Companion podcast is an essential listen for any marketer. We're huge fans of the podcast because of Schaefer and Webster's ability to break down marketing techniques into easy-to-digest chunks of information.

We loved April's episode that looked back at 2013's technology and marketing trends. The episode gives good insight into why certain trends failed in 2013 and how some of them are making a comeback this year. Give it a listen for nostalgia's sake

B2B Growth Show — James Carbary 

B2B Growth Show helps B2B businesses grow

James Carbary is one of our top influencers to follow in 2018, and his podcast is no different. Every week, Carbary's podcast, B2B Growth Show, helps B2B companies grow their businesses and better market their products. 

Our favorite episode is #720 with Steve Benson where the pair discusses the importance of client success trips and having face time with your clients. In the episode, Benson walks us through his seven-week adventure through the United States where he met with all of his company's clients to create more meaningful connections. 

Awesome At Your Job — Pete Mockaitis

 Awesome At Your Job podcast

Awesome at Your Job is a new Social Report favorite. Each week, host Pete Mockaitis interviews thought leaders to provide actionable insights on how to practically improve your job performance. And since there's a new guest every week, you get interesting new insights across different industries.

Some of Pete's recent guests include Black Swan Group CEO Chris Voss and Energy Project CEO Tony Schwartz. We really liked the episode with Schwartz that discusses the benefits of working in 90-minute sprints.

The $100 MBA — Omar Zenhom

As the name suggests, The $100 MBA is a podcast that teaches you something new about business. Host Omar Zenhom discusses different business topics in each weekly episode, giving you actionable tips for starting a new business or growing an existing venture.

Zenhom's episode on building a service-based business is super interesting. It discusses the pros and cons of growing a service based side hustle like freelance web development, social media management, or video editing. Check it out if you're looking for your next big venture.

The Introvert Entrepreneur — Beth Buelow

The Introvert Entrepreneur is an entrepreneurship podcast for—you guessed it—introverts. Host Beth Buelow has different guests on her weekly show to discuss being an introverted professional and using introversion to your advantage in the workplace.

One of our favorite episodes is Buelow's interview with Kate Boyd. We liked her thoughts on "pay it forward marketing," something that was completely new to us at Social Report. Give the episode a listen next time you have a spare minute!

Leaders in The Trenches — Gene Hammett

Gene Hammett is the host of the Leaders in The Trenches podcast

Leaders in The Trenches is a must listen for anyone in a management role. Host Gene Hammett focuses on helping business leaders find new ways to improve and grow in their career. Each week he brings on a different business leader to co-host, so the podcast's insights are always fresh. 

Leaders in The Trenches' latest podcast with Seth Godin is one of our favorites. The pair discusses how trusting team members to seek opportunity within an organization can make a huge difference in developing employees. Make sure to give it a listen if you run a team—it may make a huge difference in their careers!

Inside LaunchStreet — Tamara Kleinberg

Inside LaunchStreet is an innovation podcast hosted by Tamara Kleinberg. Each week, Kleinberg and her guest co-hosts bring interesting insights to the table across a number of industries. For example, her recent episode with Maura Sweeny discusses avoiding the victim mindset to create more win/win situations. 

Enjoy your summer!

And there you have it: seven awesome business podcasts for your summer walks on the beach. Give each of these a listen this summer, and you'll start Autumn with a new outlook on your industry. 

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