Social media for entrepreneurs Facebook groups spotlight

Social Media for Entrepreneurs is one of the premier business groups on Facebook. The group is led by business and social media guru Josh Forti and aims to teach up-and-coming entrepreneurs the ins and outs of social media.

And it does an excellent job of this. The group is chock-full of good information, is well organized, and is all around an excellent example of Facebook groups done right.

In this article, we'll show you why we love the Social Media for Entrepreneurs groups. Take what the group does right and apply it to your own Facebook group to increase engagement and generate valuable new leads.

Complete Group Description

The group has a full description

One thing many Facebook groups overlook is a complete group description. Your group's description is the first thing new members see, so it should contain what your group focuses on and what it has to offer.

In other news: the description is your group's thesis statement.

Forti did an excellent job of filling out Media for Entrepreneurs' group description. It discusses what the group is about and gives us a peak at what it has to offer.

The description contains a link to Forti's website and a set of affiliate links. Don't be afraid to include these in your Group description either. After all, it's your group, so promote, promote, promote!

Weekly Live Streams With Guest Hosts

The group has a weekly schedule of rotating guests

On Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, Forti and one of his three co-hosts have a live stream on one of three topics: Facebook ads, client acquisition, and e-commerce.

During these streams, the duo discusses trends, takes questions, and gives advice related to the topic at hand.

Facebook Live is a great way to get face time with your Group members. Use it to discuss current events in your industry, make product announcements, or questions from your audience. This helps put a moderator's face to a name and encourages members to sign-on and interact with the group.

Admin Interaction With Group Members

Moderators frequently answer group member questions

Every day, Social Media for Entrepreneur's members post dozens of social media and business questions in the group. Generally, fellow group members are quick to chime in—and oftentimes admins and moderators do too. 

This is important because admin and moderator comments are denoted by a small badge icon to the right of their name. When moderators answer questions, they help build the group's brand and improve its reputation. Make sure you and your moderators are doing this too.

Frequent Moderator Posts

Admins frequently post in the group

Likewise, admins and moderators constantly post their own content to the group too.

Mods post everything from opinion polls to videos to inspirational quotes and rotate between content types regularly. This keeps the group fresh and gives readers daily tidbits of valuable information.

Make sure that you and your moderators are active on your Facebook group. Add insight where you can, and make sure that you're always providing value to your group members. In turn, this creates a content marketing effect for your group: you're providing valuable content for free to generate sales later. 

Bottom line

As you can see, Social Media for Entrepreneurs is a great resource for entrepreneurs. Keep what the group does right in mind when creating your Facebook group, and you'll grow your audience in no time.

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