Instagram Marketing Mastermind ups your Instagram game

Instagram Marketing Mastermind is a wildly successful Instagram marketing group on Facebook. The group is run by Instagram marketing guru Alex Tooby and is chock-full of excellent resources for marketers.

The group has grown to over 35,000 members and receives excellent engagement daily. In this article, we'll discuss what Instagram Marketing Mastermind does right to receive such high engagement. Apply these tips to your group and watch your engagement soar.

Questions are always welcome

Instagram Marketing Mastermind gives free advice to marketers

Not only does Instagram Marketing Masterminds give great Instagram marketing tips, it serves as a question-and-answer board for marketers too.

Questions range from the best content to post to hashtag advice. As per the rules, all comments are moderated so that discussion is civil and full of great advice for people new to Instagram marketing. Further, questions not related to Instagram are banned from the group.

Open your brand's Facebook group to questions about your industry too. This will increase your engagement numbers and shows that your brand is committed to helping others in your industry. 

Not too much branding, not too little

 Tooby properly brands Instagram Marketing Mastermind

Instagram Marketing Masterminds is a branded group powered by Alex Tooby. She uses the group to market her Instagram marketing courses and resource pages, so she's branded the group to show that.

Tooby tastefully branded the group in three ways: using the Group By box, adding an awesome cover photo, and listing links to her services in the pinned post at the top of the page.

What you wont find in Tooby's group is overly branded posts or constant links to her services. In fact, those are thew only three places where you'll find links to Tooby's Instagram courses.

Follow Tooby's lead and only post about your products from time to time. Posting too much will bombard your users and take away from the point of the group: to provide helpful information to your industry. 

The pinned post is always informative

Instagram Marketing Mastermind's pinned post is full of good info

A good pinned post is essential the success of any Facebook group.

Instagram Marketing Mastermind's pinned post is jam-packed with good information: it includes a list of Tooby's Instagram resources and a quick overview of the group and its rules. This saves admins from questionable posts and gives members a stockpile of good information in one place. 

We like how Let There Be Travel uses affiliate links to monetize its pinned post. This gives group members a way to support the brand when booking discounted travel through the group's partners. It's a win-win.

Moderators enjoy being active in the comments

Instagram Marketing Mastermind has active moderators

Alex Tooby and her moderation team are active on Instagram Marketing Masterminds. Oftentimes you'll see them replying to questions, discussing ways to market on Instagram, and otherwise interacting with their community. 

One of the best ways to grow a Facebook groups is by having active moderators and administrators.

This means replying to comments and posting new content and call-to-actions on your group on a regular basis. This works because it builds trust in the community's leadership—something necessary for all successful Facebook groups. 

The major takeaway

All-in-all, we believe Instagram Marketing Masterminds is a great example of Facebook groups done right. The group has high engagement because it's constantly dishing good information and encouraging discussion amongst its group members—make sure your group is doing the same.

Run a successful Facebook group? Tweet us a link and we may feature it as our next Group Spotlight!

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