Show Me Your Stethoscope is the premier Facebook group for nurses

Nowadays there's a Facebook group for every industry and profession. In the medical field, Show Me Your Stethoscope is the premier Facebook group for nurses and healthcare providers worldwide. The group has quickly grown to over 650,000 members (!!!) and provides a platform for nurses to share insights, memes, and just about anything else.

In this article, we'll show you what Show Me Your Stethoscope did right to become such a popular Facebook group. Use these to your advantage to create a successful Facebook for your brand or industry.

Let's dive in.

Exclusive community of driven nurses and healthcare providers

One of the main reasons Show Me Your Stethoscope is so successful is because it builds an exclusive community amongst nurses and other healthcare providers.

Only nurses and healthcare providers are accepted into the group, and the group is set to closed. This makes some members feel more comfortable posting in the group because they know posts will only be seen by his or her colleagues.

Do the same for your Facebook group. Pick a niche and only add people that are affiliated with it to your group. For example, if we made a group for social media marketers, we would check the user's job and interests before accepting them. This keeps members comfortable and the group on-topic.

The group is an open place for questions

Show Me Your Stethoscope is a Facebook group for questions

Show Me Your Stethoscope is—at its core—a question and answer group for nurses.

Each day, hundreds of questions are posted to the group, and hundreds of answers are answered and opinions are shared in the comments. Questions range from job suggestions to management inquiries to personal questions about experiences on the job.

The informal question and answer format makes the group a hub for nurse's most burning questions. This is unique because groups with a more traditional discussion-style format confine question and answers to one weekly thread. This limits the amount of detail one can add to their question post, which can lead to less engagement.

The question and answer format may be right for your group too. We recommend it to groups that are focused on a specific industry or profession as a whole.

Even better, this format is easy to brand—just add a "powered by [your brand name]" or "with [your brand name]" to the end of the group's title. We could make a group called "Social Media Marketing Questions with Social Report" for content marketers.

Members aren't afraid to have fun 

The group isn't afraid to have a good time with humor 

The only thing better than questions? Memes.

Show Me Your Stethoscope members frequently post nursing-related memes and funny videos to the group. This keeps Show Me Your Stethoscope lighthearted and makes it a welcoming place for nurses to post.

Consider keeping your group's rules broad to allow for memes and other fun content too. This content is engaging and gives your group a more friendly and lighthearted feel. For bonus points, encourage your moderators to post fun content too.

Clearly stated rules

Every Group needs a set of rules.

Show Me Your Stethoscope has an extensive and well-respected list of rules that are often enforced by Group moderators. The rules boil down to keeping discussion on-topic, not diagnosing medical conditions online, and staying respectful of one another. This keeps Group members in-line and lets moderators fairly keep order in the Group.

One thing Stethoscope Connects Nurses doesn't do, however, is list the rules as a pinned post or on their About page. Instead, they list them on the Announcements page on the group. This keeps the page better organized and clears the pinned post up for other content.

Now, start your own Facebook group!

Show Me Your Stethoscope is a great example of a wildly successful Facebook group. Take inspiration from the group and make one for your brand's niche. When done right, Facebook groups drive traffic to your brand and make up for engagement lost by Facebook's Newsfeed algorithm change

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