Social media brand monitoring is essential to social media

Brand monitoring on social media is essential to up-keeping a positive brand image.

In short, brand monitoring is when you track at all mentions of and discussions about your brand on social media—with or without a direct @mention. This is helpful because you can see what people are saying about your brand and respond if necessary.

In this article, we'll discuss why you should monitor your brand on social media. Then, we'll show you how to use Search Agents in Social Report to monitor all mentions of your brand without manually loading all of your social networks.

Let's dive in.

Why brand monitoring?

Like discussed earlier, brand monitoring is essentially searching for all mentions and discussions about your brand on social media. This is generally done to gain insight into how your brand is viewed on social media and see how many people are talking about your products.

Ideally, you'll use a social media tool (like Social Report) to monitor your brand and pull all @mentions and relevant brand keywords (your company name) in real-time without having to manually search for them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

And when you find a mention of your brand you can respond accordingly. For example, you can respond to support requests, make bad reviews right, and gauge feedback about your company and its products.

You can also use brand monitoring to sell your products. Hear someone comparing your product to a competitor? Chime in and offer a free trial. See someone ask a friend about your product? Jump in and introduce yourself.

Using Search Agents in Social Report

It doesn't make sense to manually search for your brand. Instead, use Social Report's Search Agent feature to automate your searches. We'll search for your brand mentions for you and email you when we find something.

Alternatively, you can use Search Agents to track your competitors. Run a search on a competitor's keyword and see what people are saying about them. Find pain points and feature requests and use them to stay one step ahead of the competition.

How to use Search Agents in Social Report

Let's create our first Search Agent in Social Report. This search agent will search for mentions of our brand and a couple of relevant keywords. Here's the process:

Create a new Search Agent in Social Report for brand monitoring made easy

1. Log into Social Report and click the Search button at the top of the window. Then, click New Search Agent from the drop-down menu.

Creating a new Search Agent in Social Report

2. Welcome to the Search Agent Setup menu. This is where you can add terms to search for, terms to exclude, and more.

There are a number of fields on this page you can use to customize your search. Here's what each field does:

  • Name: this is the name of your Search Agent. It doesn't affect your search.
  • Where would you like to search?: There are three different options here. 
    • Everywhere: this searches all social networks (Twitter, Instagram, etc) for your keywords. A couple quick things to note:
      • We cannot search everywhere on Facebook due to API limitations. In-network searches are supported.
      • You must have Pinterest and Instagram accounts connected to search them.
    • Only My Network: This monitors activity within your social accounts. For example, comments on your posts or reviews on your Facebook page.
    • RSS: This lets you monitor a specific RSS feed for keywords. Use this to monitor blogs and other publications.
  • How would you like to search?: There are two options here: Any Keywords and All Keywords. These are helpful if you're searching for multiple keywords. Any Keywords searches for posts with any of the key words you're searching for; All Keywords searches for posts with all of the keywords you're searching for.
  • What keywords would you like to search for?: This one's self explanatory: input the keywords you want to search for. You can add terms, hashtags, and @mentions to this field. We recommend searching for specific keywords and hashtags for the most accurate results. 
  • What keywords would you like to exclude?: Add keywords to exclude from your search even if they include your keywords.
  • Would you like to search by location?: Here you can restrict your searches to specific regions. Do note that this only pulls from the user's profile so results may vary.
  • Email search results to project users as they are found: Here you can select team members to receive emails when new search results are found.

Click the Save button at the lower right-hand corner of the window you're done configuring your search. Your search will now start running but will take a bit of time to produce its first results.

Checking your Search Agent results

Now for the fun part: sifting through your results.

To view your Search Agent, click the Search button at the top of the screen and click the name of the Search Agent you created.

View your brand monitoring performance in Social Report

You'll be taken to the Performance page where you can see graphs of how much your search terms are being posted and mentioned on social media. Scroll down the page for demographic, location, and keyword frequency information.

View all of your Search Agent results to enhance brand monitoring

Click the Search Results tab at the top of the window to view all mentions of your specified keywords. All of the status updates are presented in a list at the center of the window. Click on any of the updates and you will be taken to the original post.

Interacting with search results

Interact with Search Agent results to improve your brand monitoring

Additionally, you can interact with the posts (like, repost, etc) by clicking on their respective buttons on the right-hand side of the update. Alternatively, you can schedule a repost by clicking the megaphone icon. 

Click the pin button to assign the result to someone on your team and click the share button to share the update in an email.

Finding influencers

Want to find the most influential people talking about your brand? Click the Influencers tab at the top of the window.

Click the Influencers tab to view the most influential people using your keywords

Here you'll see two charts: "Used the keyword the most" and "Most popular users that used the keyword". You can use these lists to find influential people to work with to promote your brand. This is most useful when monitoring keywords related to your industry. 

Bottom line

And there you have it: the complete Social Report guide to brand monitoring. Brand monitoring can help your brand maintain a good brand image, and with Social Report's Search Agent tool, it's easier than ever to keep an eye on your brand.

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