How to use Instagram TV for your business

It's no secret that Instagram TV is expanding out of photo sharing. Two years ago the platform launched SnapChat competitor Stories, and just months ago launched its YouTube competitor Instagram TV

And if Instagram TV blows up like Stories did, YouTube may finally have a real competitor in the mobile video space. So with that in mind, your business has to adopt Instagram TV in 2019 to stay relevant on the platform.

But we get it: the Instagram TV platform is new and there's no straightforward ways for business to use it. That's why we've researched Instagram TV and brainstormed the best ways for business to use the new platform.

Let's take a look at what we found!

10 awesome ways businesses can use Instagram TV

There's a difference between standard Instagram posts, Stories, and Instagram TV.

For the most part, standard Instagram posts and Stories are used to share content immediately and largely depends on the user seeing it on their news feed. For example, a promotion or new product launch. Stories take this to the extreme: they expire in 24 hours, so brands use them to share super urgent news.

Instagram TV, on the other hand, is for posting content that retains value over the long-term. Think of it as content marketing: post the content for free now, and reap the benefits for months (or years) to come. Further, Instagram TV videos can be up to 1 hour long, so you have more time to work with to create awesome evergreen content.

Use that perspective to guide your Instagram TV publishing. You want to produce content that has a long shelf-life and is not promoting short-term sales. In short: produce long-term and well performing content that provides real value to your audience.

Here's ten things your business can post to Instagram TV that will provide value to your audience and drive sales to your brand.

1. instructional videos

Show your audience how to do something. If you're in tech, maybe make a video on using a new piece of industry software. In food? Try your hand at Tasty-style cooking video.

2. showcase your work

Are you an agency or other type of creative company? Show off your best work in a video. Give it a catchy title and you're gold—bonus points if you can add a client testimonial or two.

3. start a podcast

Don't be afraid to post audio clips (recorded over a photo or video) to Instagram TV. Consider starting a podcast related to your business and publish it on the Instagram TV platform. On this podcast, you can discuss industry events, give commentary on relevant topics, and even bring on special guests.

4. don't be afraid of interviews

Speaking of special guests, make video interviews of influencers in your industry. Ask them questions that will provide value to your audience, for example, questions on how they built their company. This keeps your videos interesting as your audience will always hear from a new voice.

5. start a series

Start a video series that's published on the same day each week (or month if you're short on time). This can be a video blog, informational series, or whatever else you can dream up. Having the set schedule gives your audience something to look forward to and get excited about.

6. tours of interesting places

Run a travel-related company? Give video tours of your hotel rooms, airline seats, or the area surrounding your business. This will make your audience excited about staying at your property, and is sure to impress prospective leads.

7. make a video infographic

Infographics are huge on social media—and for a good reason. They're one of the most efficient and visually pleasing ways to show otherwise mundane information. Take your infographics to the next level and walk readers through them with a voiceover.

8. top 10 video listicles

Make a "top 10" video of your favorite products, industry tips, influencers, or anything else you can dream up. These videos are easy to watch and will stay relevant for years to come.

9. product overviews

Show the ins-and-outs of your product's features on Instagram TV. Then, embed the videos on your website and inside of relevant blog posts. This will promote your Instagram TV channel and give your customers a better understanding of what they're buying.

10. behind-the-scenes

Make a video out of your videos! Shoot behind-the-scenes footage, edit in some commentary, and upload it. Loyal fans will love it, and other businesses that want to embrace video content can use it as inspiration.

Now, start producing Instagram TV videos for your business!

And there you have it: 10 ways your business can use Instagram TV to boost sales and generate new leads. On Twitter, let us know how your business will use Instagram TV in 2019. We'll retweet the best and most interesting uses!

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