SEO Superstar is the best Facebook Group for SEO help

SEO is a key component of digital marketing. It's a large part of how people find your business through Google and Bing search, and is a great way to put your published content in front of new eyes.

But learning SEO isn't easy. There are thousands of online classes that promise to show you how to rank #1 in Google—and that's great. Lots of those resources offer great information, but nothing beats talking with other SEO and marketing professionals to bounce ideas and learn new tips.

And that's where Superstar SEO comes in.

Superstar SEO is the premier Facebook group for SEO marketers and those learning SEO. The group is nearling 28,000 members shortly after launching and is gaining new members daily. Even better, the group is filled with awesome content and Q&A for new SEO-ites. 

In this article, we'll show you why Superstar SEO is such an awesome and rapidly growing Facebook group. Use what the group does best to improve your own Facebook group to gain new users and more engagement.

Let's dive in.

The admin adds his personality to the group

Add voice to your Facebook group like Superstar SEO

Facebook groups only work if the admin adds his or her personality to the group. This makes the group feel like a natural conversation versus a marketing platform, encouraging users to interact with the admin and fellow members.

Chris Walker—the founder and admin of Superstar SEO—does an awesome job of adding his own personality to the group. He sprinkles humor throughout his posts and adds his own voice to posts. With that comes increased engagement and a friendlier group vibe that keeps the group lighthearted.

Awesome use of Facebook Live

Facebook Live helps groups grow 

Facebook Live is a great way to increase engagement on your Facebook group. It gives your audience a reason to log on at a specific time to listen to your thoughts and ask questions. Additionally, Facebook Live videos can be posted as recordings after the event, making it easy for you to produce (engaging) video content.

Superstar SEO does regular Facebook Live sessions that are exclusive to group members. In these, Walker discusses current events in the SEO world and gives lessons on necessary skills for breaking into SEO marketing. He even brings on guests from time to time to keep the Live feeds interesting.

Open space for SEO questions

Superstar SEO is a great question and answer group for SEO professionals

Groups that maintain an open "question and answer" format receive high engagement. In these groups, members are encouraged to ask and answer questions related to the niche. This means that new threads and awesome information are posted to your group daily and aren't confined to one weekly post.

Superstar SEO follows this format and does it well. In the group, we often see SEO professionals ask and answer questions related to the niche. Dozens of questions are posted to the group daily and users are quick to respond with helpful comments, furthering the knowledge of the group.

The group tastefully promotes the admin's products

Superstar SEO promotes its products on its Facebook group

Walker sells a set of online SEO courses and promotes them by way of the Superstar SEO Facebook group. However, he does this tastefully and only promotes the courses by adding his Facebook page in the "Group by" box in the group, discussing them at the beginning of his Facebook Live videos, and by posting occasional discounts on the group.

What you won't find in Walker's group is overly branded posts or constant links to his services. Follow his lead and only post about your products from time to time. Posting too much will bombard your users and take away from the point of the group: to provide helpful information to others in your industry. 

Now, create your own awesome Facebook group

And there you have it: why Superstar SEO is such a successful Facebook group. Take note of why its awesome and apply these tips to your group, and soon you'll be on your way to Facebook group successes. Have a favorite Facebook group? Tweet it to us.

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