This Facebook group brings nonprofit writers together

Nonprofits must be on social media in 2018 and beyond. Like traditional companies, nonprofits can market themselves and the services they provide on social media. When executed properly, this can bring in more donations, partnerships, and improve your nonprofit's face to the world.

But before you can get on social, you need to have a solid nonprofit grant writer. This person will write all your nonprofit's legal work, request grants, and even help make sure your social copy is up to legal snuff.

And that's where the Grant Writing and Nonprofit Development Facebook group comes into play. On this group, grant writers and other nonprofit workers discuss growing their nonprofits and the art of grant writing. The group has quickly grown to over 6,000 members, making it one of the premier nonprofit development Facebook groups.

In this article, we'll show you what makes Grant Writing and Nonprofit Development such an awesome Facebook group. Use this as inspiration for making your own Facebook group, and be sure to check out the group if you work with or for a nonprofit!

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A specific niche with little competition

Make sure your niche has a unqiue and awesome niche

Nonprofit grant writing and development is undoubtedly a limited niche—but Grant Writing and Nonprofit Development uses this to its advantage. This group was the first one to make a group dedicated to nonprofit writers, so it has first-to-market advantage over new nonprofit groups that pop up.

When making a Facebook group for your brand, try and spin your niche to be something new and unique. For example, our Facebook group is a networking and Q&A group for social media marketers. This is more specific (and nearly first to market) niche versus a general "social media" group.

An open Q&A format

Grant writing maintians an awesome Q&A format 

Groups that have an open "question and answer" format receive high engagement. In these groups, members are encouraged to ask and answer questions related to the niche. This means that new threads and awesome information are posted to your group daily and aren't confined to one weekly post.

Grant Writing and Nonprofit Development follows this format and does it well. In the group, we often see nonprofit professionals ask and answer questions related to grant writing and other nonprofit activities. Tons of questions are posted to the group daily and users are quick to respond with helpful comments to further the knowledge of the group.

Here's five ways to grow your Facebook Group.

Welcome posts to spark conversations with new group members

Welcome new group members with a welcome post 

Grant Writing and Nonprofit Development's admin frequently posts "welcome" posts to the Group. In these posts, all new members from the past week are tagged. This is helpful because it reminds new Group members that they're in the Group, and encourages existing Grant Writing and Nonprofit Development members to interact with and welcome newbies—it's more effective than you may think.

Now, make your own group!

As you can see, Grant Writing and Nonprofit Development has become the premier group for nonprofit workers because of its awesome content, leadership, and niche choice. Keep these in mind when creating your own Facebook group, and watch the engagement flow in.

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