Google changes the SSL icon from green to black

Heads up, fellow marketers! This week, Google phased out the green lock icon and "Secure" label next to URLs on Chrome.

Previously, when you visited an HTTPS secured website, you'd see a small green padlock and a secured label inside of the Google Chrome address bar. This week, however, Google removed the green logo in favor of a more subtle black padlock (pictured below).

Don't panic if you see a black padlock in Google Chrome

On the flip side—when you view a non-HTTPS web page—you'll notice a large Not Secure button appear to the left of the URL. This makes unsecured sites more apparent than in previous versions of Google Chrome, even if there's no active attack.

Google made these Chrome changes as a part of its ongoing effort to make the web 100% SSL secured. The tech giant notes that over 83% of the web is currently secured, but Google hopes to push that number to 100% as soon as it can.

So with these changes in mind, you can be rest assured that Social Report is still SSL secured with the latest version of Google Chrome. 

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