These are the best social media apps for health and beauty companies

Social media marketing changed the game for health and beauty companies worldwide. In a past life, the industry was dominated by TV and magazine ads, but today, nearly 5% of all social media posts are related to a beauty brand.

So if your beauty company isn't on social media yet, there's a good chance you're missing out on new sales. But to create a solid social presence, your beauty brand needs a set of awesome tools to help power its social media campaign.

Don't fret though: we'll show you the best social media tools for health and beauty brands in this article. This piece covers social media posting, analytics, and content creation tools, so you'll have a full toolkit to work with.


Let's dive in and take a look!

Social Report — the best social media management tool for beauty companies

Social Report is the best social media app for the health and beauty industry

Every social media manager needs a post scheduling and analytics tool at their disposal.

Our favorite is Social Report.

Social Report has excellent smart scheduling tools, in-depth analytics and reporting, and even a smart social inbox that shows your mentions.

Let's start with publishing! Using Social Report, you can schedule statuses to all your social media accounts at once. Build out your post in the message composure window, select the accounts you want to post to, and schedule it for publication.

Even better, you can use our Content Syndication and Evergreen Content features to automate social media posting. We even offer a bulk scheduling tool that lets you import status updates from an Excel document, so you can schedule all your posts at once.

Further, our excellent reporting features give you an in-depth look at how your social media accounts are growing. Some of the reports we offer include: 


  • Content performance 
  • Cross-channel performance
  • Engagement optimization
  • And more!


But best of all though, Social Report supports virtually all social networks, and yes, that includes Instagram and Pinterest! We're one of the few social media management tools that support direct Instagram scheduling (images and video!) too, so you can ditch the smartphone and post with ease.

Start your free Social Report trial today.  

Canva — for making awesome social media graphics

 Canva is an awesome online image editor

If you’re looking to add visual flair to your social media posts, Canva is one of the best free media graphics tools around.

Canva's a free online image editor that provides hundreds of professionally designed layouts, photos, illustrations, and font types. You can edit each template and create engaging social media images with no previous graphic design skills (or expensive Adobe license).

Even cooler, you can export your masterpiece to an Instagram-ready size, so it's ready to post ASAP (using Social Report, of course). The tool also includes templates for Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest so you can easily cross-post your images across all of your social channels. 

Storeo — make longer Instagram Stories

Make longer Instagram Stories with Storeo

Ever wanted to post a video to your Instagram Story but it was longer than 15 seconds?

Storeo is here to fix that.

Storeo is an iPhone app that splices vertical videos into multiple 15-second clips. Then, the app automatically adds them to your Instagram Story. This means that you can upload longer videos to your Instagram Story, helpful for new product promotions or quick beauty tutorials.

The best part? Storeo is free and super easy to use. Just open the app, pick your the videos you want to use in your story, and export it directly to Instagram. It's really that easy to use!

Pepper Filters — make branded Snapchat filters for cheap


Pepper helps you make Snapchat location filters online 

Sponsored Snapchat filters are an awesome way to market your brand—especially in the health and beauty space.

With filters, not only do you get your brand in front of new eyes, but your existing customers can showoff their love of your products with their Snapchat friends and followers.

But building a Snapchat filter is hard, right? Not quite.

Pepper is a web app that lets you build sponsored location filters online—no graphic design skills required. Just pick one of the app's free templates, add your brand's logo, and make other desired tweaks.

Once you're done designing your filter, you can publish and pay for your sponsored filter right from the Pepper website. Currently, Pepper charges a $4.99 "design fee" for each of the filters you publish—a small price to pay for an awesome filter.

VSCO — the best mobile image editor

 VSCO is a great mobile photo editor

VSCO is best mobile image editor for Instagram.

The app has a ton of built-in filters, advanced editing features, and a mini photo sharing network you can use for inspiration. Use VSCO to take your Instagram editing to the next level with crisp and clean promotional images.

Them, when you're ready to post, VSCO will automatically output your photo to an Instagram-ready aspect ratio. 

VSCO has free Android, iPad, and iPhone apps, so you can use it on-the-go no matter the device. 

Kapwing — edit your social media videos on the web

Kapwing makes video editing easier than ever.

Kapwing is the world's quickest video editor.

Just navigate to the Kapwing website, select of its many editing features, and upload your video clip. Kapwing will do its thing, and you can redownload the video in minutes.

Some of Kapwing's editing features include cropping, trimming, speed adjustment, and even a handy meme maker. 

Do note that Kapwing adds a small watermark to all videos. However, you can remove this watermark for a $6 per video fee, or subscribe to the app's unlimited plan for $20 per month. Not too shabby for the functionality you're getting.

Soldsie — sell your products on Instagram

Use Soldsie to sell your products on Instagram

If there's one thing marketers dislike about Instagram, it's the fact that posts aren't linkable. The only link on Instagram is the one in your profile, meaning that you can only show off a link to your website or a single product page.

But not with Soldsie.

Soldsie lets you make mini stores and web pages to show off your brand's best content. Just sign up for an account, and make a Soldsie page that showcases your best beauty products. Then, use the Soldsie link in your profile and reap the sales.

It's as easy as that! Gone are the days of only promoting one product at a time.

Wishpond: make an awesome Instagram contest in minutes

Use Wishpond to make an Instagram contest

Running a photo contest is a great way to grow your Intagram following and increase engagement by giving back to your followers. There are a ton of different types of contests you can run too: you can try your hand at a best photo contest, or keep it simple with a raffle.

Wishpond makes running these contests easier than ever.

Using its Photo Contest feature, you can create photo contests complete with entry pages and submission galleries in minutes. Your contestants can submit photos via Facebook, Instagram, or direct upload. You can require photos to have specific Instagram hashtags for entry.

Tip: read our full guide on hosting an Instagram giveaway before starting one of your own. There are legalities and other nuances you should be aware of, so don't get caught off guard.

What's your favorite social media tool?

Now we want to hear from you! What's your health or beauty brand's favorite social media tool? Tell us on Twitter—who knows, maybe we'll feature it (with a shoutout!) in our next apps roundup piece.

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Social Report is the best scheduling tool for beauty companies