Are Facebook Stories worthwhile?

Last week, Facebook hit a milestone: over 300 million people use Facebook Stories on a daily basis. 

For those not in the loop, Facebook Stories is—in short—Facebook's own version of Instagram or Snapchat Stories. These stories appear in the Facebook and Messenger apps for 24 hours, and can be videos, photos, or a photo with stickers and text overlayed.

With so many stories options, there's no doubt that Facebook Stories has had some challenges differentiating itself from the competition—especially considering that it's the parent company of Instagram.

But with 300 million active users, there's no doubt that the feature is gaining popularity throughout the world. And to put this number into perspective: with 300 million daily users, over 100 million more people now use Facebook Stories than Snapchat. 

But that still leaves many wondering: is Facebook Stories any good for brands? We think it is, and we'll discuss why we think Facebook Stories are crucial for your 2019 marketing campaign in the article below.

Let's get started!

Facebook Stories are more accessible

Viewing Facebook Stories on the web

Currently, the only real way to view Instagram Stories is on the mobile app. While you can technically view stories online too, that requires navigating to the profile page of the person's story you want to view first.

But with Facebook, it's different.

You can view Facebook Stories in no less than three places: the Facebook and Messenger apps, and on the Facebook website. 

This gives your viewer's more opportunities to view your Stories and opens you to a wider audience. So even if you're just cross-posting from Instagram (more on that later!), you're still expanding your reach.

It doesn't take extra effort to post to Facebook Stories

Sharing Instagram Stories to Facebook

Another reason your company should post to Facebook Stories? It isn't hard if you already post to Instagram Stories.

You can cross-post all of your Instagram Stories directly to Facebook Stories. Just build your Instagram Story as normal, click the send to button, and tap the sharing options button at the top of the screen.

From the slide-up window, select if you want to turn on Facebook Story sharing for all posts or just this one. Then, tap the blue share button to the right of the sharing options label—and bam: your Instagram Story will cross-post to Facebook Story. It's really that easy!

To make your life easier, turn on cross-posting for all of your Instagram Stories. Then, you can create Stories in Instagram but keep both of your audiences updated.

And yes, you can run Facebook Story ads

Awesome examples of Facebook Stories

Don't worry: Facebook finally announced Facebook Stories ads earlier this year.

Like Instagram Story ads, sponsored stories appear when you're flipping through Facebook Stories on your phone. The sponsored story appears like any other story, but has a small sponsored icon at the top of the screen.

You can reuse your Instagram Stories ads on Facebook Stories, or create originals. Just make sure to a/b test your ads on both platforms. After all, your target Instagram audience may be different than your target Facebook audience.

Bottom line

We believe that all brands should be posting to Facebook Stories. It's growing faster than all other Stories platform, and your brand can't afford to get behind the competition—especially when it's so easy to post!

Now we'll turn it to you: does your brand use Facebook Stories? Let us know in the comments.

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