Here's 10 awesome growth hacks for your brand

Okay, let's be blunt about this: growth hacking isn't what it used to be. 

In the past, companies could build huge audiences and tons of sales by using the right hashtags or posting to the right subreddit. 

Nowadays though, the social media atmosphere is a bit different.

Instead of being able to game the system, social media platforms want to see high-quality content—and frankly—some of your hard-earned ad dollars. They have to make money too, right?

But that doesn't mean social media growth hacks are completely dead.

In fact, they're far from it—growth hacks are just a little different than before.

Nowadays, growth hacks are mostly concerned with following the right people, networking, and posting great content.

So with that in mind, let's take a look at the 15 best growth hacks you can use in 2019.

1. Follow the right people on social networks

First thing's first: follow new people on social media!

When people see a new follow, there's a good chance are they'll check out your profile and follow you back. Bonus points if you reach out to new followers via DM and give them insight about your product (even if it's just a simple "thanks for following").

This simple growth hack takes just a few minutes a day to complete. Alternatively, you can use tools like SocialDrift to automate the process for you on Instagram.

2. Answer questions on Quora


Quora is a high-quality Yahoo! Answers. People ask questions and receive answers from thousands of people across the globe. Unlike Yahoo, however, the answers are generally thoughtful and moderated by the community.

The Quora growth hack is simple: head over to Quora and find a question related to your industry. Then, write a thoughtful answer and link back to your company's blog to back up facts or expand on insights.

Make sure your answer is the most high quality and in-depth, and you'll quickly rise to the top answer spot. This will provide traffic to your site and—in turn—more leads and sales. 

3. Share third-party blog content

Let's face it: constantly creating original content is a hard and time consuming process.

And that's where Social Report's Content Syndication feature comes into play.

In short: Content Syndication will listen to an RSS feed for you and automatically post relevant content to your social channels.

You can tell Social Report to search for a specific set of keywords and even exclude keywords. When our system finds a fitting article, it will automatically add it to your posting schedule and share the link and article title.

4. Use Social Report's Link Frames to brand third-party content (all networks)

Even better, Link Frames let you brand the third-party content that you share using content syndication.

Essentially, this feature adds a custom banner to the top and bottom of your shares. This banner includes your company's logo and a linked call to action button, so you can capture new leads from all of the content you share—even if you didn't make it.

5. Like new reviews

Get a lot of Facebook reviews? Use this simple growth hack to your advantage!

Like all positive reviews on your Facebook page. This simple interaction shows your audience that you care about their business and makes them more likely to follow your business' page to find future content.

6. Recycle old content for more reach (all networks)

Post a lot of blog posts or make infographics? Chances they aren't seen by your entire audience the first time you post them.

After all, if you post something at 12pm New York time, it's already 12am in Hong Kong, so some of your audience will have missed the share and may never see the content.

Unless you're using Social Report, that is.

Enter Social Report's Evergreen Content Recycling feature.

When activated, Social Report will automatically repost old blog posts, images, and other social content that you've marked as "evergreen."

This feature works by randomly selecting a post from your evergreen content library and reposting it whenever there's an open slot on your posting schedule.

In turn, these extra shares increase our content's reach and ensures you're always publishing fresh content. Follow the video guide above to set it up.

7. Partner with Influencers

Influencer marketing is a growing trend in social media, and a whopping 94% of brands who use influencers believe that the strategy is effective.

Bigger companies use celebrities, athletes, and models as part of their strategy, but smaller brands can use social media micro-influencers with a large following and high engagement.

Partnering with influencers can help increase the credibility of your brand to their followers. Like a celebrity endorsement, a partnership with a well-known personality on social media can make your brand look better established and trustworthy.

Lastly, partnering with an influencer can also boost your reach and expose your brands to a wider range of people in your niche.

8. Use images and video as much as possible

Image-rich social media posts get the most engagement—in fact, tweets with photos and videos get 150% more retweets than those without.

Nowadays, there are tons of different ways to incorporate visual media into your posts. And many of these are better than simply sharing a stock photo or a picture of your morning coffee.

One of the most engaging types of images is an infographic. Use your research and other long-form content to create sharable infographics filled with images and other nuggets of information.     

Or, you can try your hand at video.

Posting product videos let your customers know about your products without reading, and funny short clips can make your audience more interested in your product.

In addition, most social media platforms have auto-play features. This further increases the chance of your videos getting the attention of your followers while on a social media video binge.

9. Talk about trending topics with hashtags

Tweeting and sharing about a topic that's currently #trending will get you more engagement.

No matter if it's a trending topic of the day like #GoldenGlobes. or an evergreen hashtag like #instagood, hashtags that millions of people use is a great way to get your audience’s attention.

Use hashtags or topics that fit your brand or topics that your followers will find interesting. At the same time, though, avoid controversial topics like politics or religion—this can make your brand look unprofessional, and may even turn your audience away from your content.

Find trending topics using Google Trends, the Twitter 'explore' tab, or by using our Search Agents feature.

10. Run a social media contest

Use Wishpond to make an Instagram contest

Running a photo contest is a great way to grow your social media following, increase engagement, and give back to your followers. You can host a "best" photo competition or simply host a raffle that requires your audience to like, share, or tag someone in an image.

And apps like Wishpond make running these contests easier than ever.

Using its Photo Contest feature, you can easily create photo contests complete with entry pages and galleries. Your audience can submit photos via Facebook, Instagram, or direct upload. Even better, you can require photos to have specific Instagram hashtags or a for entry.

Tip: Make sure to read our full guide on hosting an Instagram giveaway before starting one of your own. There are a few legalities and other nuances you should be aware of!

Keep on growth hackin'!

And there you have it: 10 amazing growth hacks that work in 2018. In the new year, use these growth hacks (in tandem with high-quality content) to grow your follower count. Have a favorite growth hack? Tell us on Twitter or leave it in the comments box below.

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