Using Facebook Live in your Facebook Groups

Facebook Live and Facebook groups are two of the hottest marketing platforms of 2018.

Both have helped brands regain reach lost by the 2018 algorithm change—in fact, some brands have even remade their entire Facebook marketing strategies Live and groups.

But did you know that Facebook groups and Facebook Live work well together, too?

When used correctly, Facebook Live and Facebook groups are a match made in heaven. You can use the features in-tandem to create engaging content that will be beat the Facebook algorithm, and ensure that your all of your audience sees your content—#winning.

But Facebook Live for groups is used differently than on profiles or pages. So with that in mind, we’ve created a list of three awesome ways to use Facebook Live in your Facebook group in the article below.

We’ve also included a couple best practices for Facebook Live in Facebook groups. These will help you increase views and engagement, and make sure your Live streams are seen by as many people as possible.

Ready to take a look? Let’s dive in.

But first, how do you start a Facebook Live video in a group?

Good question! Facebook launched Facebook Live for groups last year, and those unfamiliar may have trouble starting a Live feed for their group.

Here’s how to do it:

Start a Facebook Live video in a Facebook group
  1. Navigate to your Facebook group
  2. Click into the new post window at the top of the screen
  3. Click the live video button at the top of the menu
  4. Set up your stream, and you're all set!

Make sense? Awesome, now here's our list of Facebook Live for groups ideas.

Group question and answer sessions

One of the best (most engaging) ways to use Facebook Live in your Facebook group is by hosting a Q&A session with your group members.

Announce the Q&A session a few days ahead of time to create buzz and get member's questions stirring. Then, have your audience ask questions in real-time in the comments during the live broadcast.

We recommend hosting the Q&A with a group admin or a C-suite or other high-level employee at your brand. If possible, have two team members on the live stream: one to read off the questions, and another to answer them.

One word of advice, though: always have a pre-made list of questions in-hand. These may save you if questions stop coming in mid-way through the live stream.

Host guest speakers (or group members)

Another awesome Facebook Live session for groups is interviews with guest speakers. These guests can either be well-known people in your industry, or a group member that’s done something awesome.

You can have your guest a webinar, star in a featured guest Q&A session, or anything else you can dream up. Either way, make sure the guest can bring great insight to the table and open your audience’s eyes to something new.

Create a weekly informational series

There’s nothing more valuable than knowledge—and this is especially true for Facebook Live streams. People love learning new things on Facebook Live, so consider hosting as webinar, speech, or other type of presentation.

Informational live series are especially useful for groups because Live streams are posted as videos after the live session ends. Informational streams can be referred back to for their content, so they’ll reap the benefits or views and engagements after the live session.

Best practices for Facebook Live in Facebook groups

So, you know how to use Facebook Live in your group and you have insight on what kind of live streams to host. Now, here's best practices for promoting your Facebook group streams for maximum reach.

Advertise your group’s live streams elsewhere to make buzz

Keeping your Live streams exclusive to your group creates a sense of exclusivity—and your brand should use that to its advantage.

However, your brand should still promote group Facebook Live streams outside of the group. Announce it on your Facebook page and on other social channels on the days leading up to the stream—this will spark fear of missing out (FOMO) and in turn get you valuable new group members.

Make some sort of weekly series

Now, take the ideas above and make them into some sort of weekly session. This gives your group members something to look forward to, and will ensure that you’re getting consistent engagement each week.

Now, keep Facebook marketing!

And there you have it: how to use Facebook Live in Facebook groups for maximum reach. As Facebook pages get less and less reach, marketers 

Now we want to hear from you: in the comments below, let us know how you use Facebook Live in your groups.Do you run Q&A sessions, hosts guests, or maybe do something we didn’t mention? We’re excited to hear about it!

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