Here are 15 effortless ways to increase Facebook engagement

With over 2 billion users, Facebook is the world's largest social network.

But if you're just starting out on the network, it can seem impossible to build your audience and foster engagement despite a huge userbase.

But don't fret. This is a common struggle that every marketer has undoubtedly dealt with when starting their Facebook journey.

Thankfully, there are a few simple things you can do to get out of your Facebook engagement rut—many of which are surprisingly effortless to implement.

So in this article, we'll show you 15 effortless ways to increase your Facebook engagement numbers in 2019.

We've focused on quick and simple things you can do day-to-day—because hey, we care about your time too 😉

Add images to your posts

It's proven that social media posts with images are more sharable than those without.

In fact, Facebook social media posts with images receive a whopping 650% more engagements when compared to text-only posts.

So make sure to add images to all of your Facebook posts. These can be a simple royalty-free image or a masterpiece you whipped up in Canva or another image editing tool.

But whatever you do, make sure that your images are related to the post at hand. Otherwise, you might leave your audience thinking that your post is spammy—and trust us, no one wants that.

Likewise, use videos whenever you can

The only thing better than images? Video.

Facebook videos now get a massive 8 billion views per day. On top of this, people are 85% more likely to purchase a product after watching a video about it, so make sure you're capitalizing on this powerful medium.

Making social media videos can be hard though. So unless you have extra time on your hands, we recommend hiring a video freelancer to shoot and edit videos for you.

Repurpose evergreen content

Make sure that you're reposting your old content for maximum reach. We recommend re-posting long-form blog articles, infographics, and other content with a long shelf life.

This gives you the most value from your posts. People that may not have seen your content the first time you posted it get a second chance to click the link and otherwise interact with your post.

Even cooler? You can automate reposting with Social Report's Evergreen Content feature.

Just mark your highest quality posts as evergreen and enable evergreen content scheduling. Then—whenever there's an open slot on your posting schedule—we'll post a random article from your Evergreen Content library.

Super neat, right!? Just set it and forget it, and your evergreen content repositng will handle itself.

Make sure to check out our full guide to repurposing old content for maximum reach.

Use polls to gauge opinion


Polls are a quick and easy way to foster engagement on Facebook. Ask your audience a simple question, add a few answers, and post it to your page. Then, your audience can vote with a click.

Polls are an easy way for your audience to interact with your posts. Audience members can simply click their answer and not have to worry about typing in a response or other time consuming task.

You can also get valuable data from your Facebook polls. For example, you can ask your audience for opinions on new products and industry trends—the possibilities are endless.

Dabble with Facebook stories

Keep your Facebook page fresh in the mind of your audience by actively posting Facebook stories. 

Like Instagram stories, Facebook stories are temporary posts that audience members can view on your Facebook page and in Messenger. These stories are active for 24 hours and can contain text, photos, videos, and interactive stickers.

Posting Facebook stories frequently will keep your brand in front of your audience. Additionally,  using interactive stickers in your posts (like polls and Q&A) give your audience members a quick-and-easy way to directly interact with your stories.

Oh, and here’s a quick pro tip for you: you can automatically cross-post your Instagram stories to Facebook. Just follow the instructions in this guide—trust us, it’ll make your life a lot easier.

Reply to comments

Make sure to actively respond to comments on your Facebook posts. This shows that you’re active and engaged with your audience, giving people a reason to comment your Facebook posts with their own thoughts.

End your posts with a question

Try ending your Facebook posts with a question related to the post. This speaks conversation and gives your audience members a reason to comment on your post. 

Just make sure the questions are neutral. We don’t recommend asking about politics or other controversial topics (unless it’s in-line with your brand) so you don’t alienate customers or start a flame war in the comments. Those are never a good look.

Host the occasional giveaway

One easy way to foster engagement is by hosting the occasional giveaway. Have audience members enter by liking your Facebook page and commenting on a post. 

This will boost short-term engagement and get your content in front of new eyes. However, this is not a permanent solution for fostering engagement—in fact, having too many giveaways can actually make your Facebook page look spammy.

Post at the right time


Make sure you’re posting content at times when your audience is most likely to be active on Facebook. Take into account their time zones, historical engagement data, and day of the week.

Doing this ensures that the majority of your audience members actually see your posts. And while it may seem impossible to find this data manually, you can use Social Report's built-in optimization report to find the best times of day to post for maximum engagement.

Share content from your fans


Get your audience involved by re-posting their original content. For example, you can repost testimonials, photos of customers with your products, and more. This makes your audience feel like they're part of the team, encouraging others to join the fun and share their experiences with your products and services.

Embrace Facebook ads

Let’s be real: organic reach is dying.

So with that in mind, embrace paid reach to get your posts in front of new people that want to interact with your content. Just make sure your ads are properly targeted so they’re displayed to the most relevant audience.

One of our favorite ways to target ads is using Facebook Pixel. You can use this free tool to target your Facebook ads to people that have already visited your website (and people that fit the same demographic).

This will save you a ton of time and money as it takes the guesswork out of targeting your Facebook ads.

Go live


Create FOMO (fear of missing out) by streaming on Facebook Live. 

Facebook Live streams give your audience a reason to log on and engage with you Facebook page at a specific time. This works especially well if you're hosting a Q&A or other interactive live stream on your Facebook page.

Every new comment and reaction on your Live stream is another valuable engagement, so give it a shot today!

Share interesting third-party content

Don't be afraid to share third-party content on your Facebook page—just make sure it's something that your audience will find interesting.

This can include relevant thought leadership articles, links to YouTube videos, and other content from around the web. You can even use apps like Buzzsumo to effortlessly find sharable content.

Sharing third-party content is an easy way to spark up a conversation on your posts without writing it yourself. So even if you have a content team, we recommend mixing in third-party content with in-house content to keep things fresh.

Be authentic—especially when marketing to millennials

In our complete guide to marketing to millennials, we noted that millennials crave authenticity.

So when writing your posts, take a conversational tone. Write like you'd talk to a customer over the phone or via an informal email and ditch the corporate lingo. This will make your posts more engaging and give your company a friendlier face to the Facebook world.

Add links to your website and newsletter

Already have a website and a successful email newsletter? Drive traffic to your Facebook page by adding a simple "Like us on Facebook" button to the footer of all of your web properties.

This will drive people that already love your brand to your Facebook page, giving them another way to connect and engage with your brand.

The best part? You only need to do this once and you'll reap the benefits for years to come. Every new email subscriber and website visitor is now a potential Facebook audience member. It doesn't get any easier than that!

Bottom line

And there you have it! Those are 15 effortless ways you can increase your Facebook engagement in 2019. We hope you learned something new and wish you a year of increased reach and engagement.

But now we want to hear from you. What are your favorite ways to increase Facebook engagement? Let us know in the comments below—we're excited to hear from you!

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