Have you heard the news?

March 12, 2020, Social Report is officially joining Traject Social in the new Traject suite of best-in-class martech tools. Transitioning to a new brand and a larger team can leave users with some questions—and we have answers.

Thanks to all of our incredible Social Report users that jumped in to ask questions and give feedback, we’ve found that these FAQs are the most pressing questions that you have. 

If you don’t see your answers below, please reach out to our team by emailing

Why is Social Report joining Traject and Traject Social?

The marketing technology landscape today is massive and complex, and we know that customers may feel overwhelmed piecing together the marketing tools they need to successfully run and grow their business. 

Traject was created to simplify this process and bring together a suite of best-in-class tools. We want to give our customers a plug-and-play solution that works for them. With Traject, you can keep your marketing solutions with one provider and scale up or down depending on your business’s needs. We are humbled and excited to be part of this new team.

Are we losing any features?

No! The core functionality you know and love will still be there, your primary workflows will stay the same, and you will be getting new features over time as Traject Social expands. Initial changes you will see will either be branding changes that help us better integrate into the suite, or UI/UX changes that maintain core functionality but streamline the experience of using it. For example, one of the first changes you’ll see is a redesigned navigation bar—this will make the process of navigating through Traject Social much more intuitive.  

Do we use now?

Starting March 12, 2020 you will be asked to log in at, and after that point any attempts to visit will automatically redirect you to However, is live right now, so you can go ahead and try it out anytime and get a head start on changing your bookmarked web pages.

Does this mean that Instagram direct posting will be back?

We completely understand how important this is for your business, and we work to try and find solutions for this every day. The good news is that by joining Traject, our team will be much larger and have access to more resources. We will therefore be better equipped to continue solving this problem more effectively. The bad news - this doesn't mean Instagram direct posting will be back on the 12th.

Will it affect my reporting capabilities or wipe legacy data that I had within Social Report? 

You will not lose any data—all historic data that you’ve accumulated since you began using Social Report will still be available in Traject Social. If something doesn’t look right or if any profiles (and their data) didn’t reconnect properly in the transition between Social Report and Traject Social, we want to know about it. Reach out to Customer Success and we will work with you to re-populate all of your retroactive reporting data. 

Additionally, we hear you when you say that the reporting functionality of Social Report can sometimes not be intuitive or aesthetically pleasing. With the new resources available from joining Traject, streamlining the UI/UX of reporting is a high-priority feature improvement for the Traject Social team. 

Will it cost more?

The switch from Social Report to Traject Social does not include a price increase. In fact, it gives you access to the other tools in the Traject suite at a discount. If you have ever wanted to supplement your social media management capabilities with review & reputation management, SEO, data visualization, or SERP data, now is your chance to bundle together best-in-class tools for the best value possible. Any future pricing changes for any product will come with increased value in the functionality and ample notice. You may notice that the Traject Social pricing for new customers is slightly different than what you currently have, but your pricing will be honored to ease the transition.

What are the other products available to me in the new Traject Suite?

AuthorityLabs by Traject 

SEO Rank Tracking Software

Report to clients on keyword rankings across locations and devices. Recover not provided keywords. Monitor Google, Bing, and Yahoo search results. Track featured snippets and competitor keyword performance.

Learn more

Traject Data

Data Services

Drive SEO strategy with flexible, accurate, and affordable search and reputation data at scale. Seamlessly deliver keyword data, listings data, and reviews data into your own data warehouse.

Learn more

Cyfe by Traject

Data Visualization​

Design the perfect dashboard for your clients. Offer a real-time look into your agency’s performance. Pull data from 60+ popular services like Google and Salesforce to monitor everything and showcase your value. 

Learn more by Traject & GatherUp by Traject

Online Reputation Management​

Deliver local search visibility and social proof for your clients. Capture customer experience at scale with tools to generate reviews, feedback, and survey responses. Comprehensive review monitoring and marketing tools at your fingertips.

Learn about and GatherUp

How do I contact the Traject team if I’m interested in adding these other platforms to my marketing toolkit?

Reach out to to schedule a demo or visit our (software page/website link) to learn more about each product and sign up for a free trial. 

Is white labeling still available, and will my white label customer domain still work?

Yes! You can still white label Traject Social. We love empowering agencies to succeed, and we know that white label functionality is a key component of that. Your white labeled domain you’ve been using will stay the same for any clients or other end users, and users of the white labeled app will have access to all the same features and upgrades as Traject Social users. 

I rely on the Social Report mobile app—can I still use it?

You will need to visit the app store and download the new Traject Social app for iOS, which is already available for you to begin using ahead of our official launch date. All the functionality you’re accustomed to using on the Social Report app will be available to you on the Traject Social app. If you use Android, keep an eye out in the upcoming weeks for the launch of the Traject Social app for Android. 


How do I contact the Traject team if I have a problem?

Email us at 

Are the Social Report and Traject Social teams excited about this launch?

Yes!  It is always the goal to improve your experience, and to know that you are excited has made our team even more excited. Thank you to all of the Social Report users that have joined us throughout this transition to give us great feedback and encouragement. We look forward to working closely with you to continue making the best social media management tool possible! 

What our community is saying: 

“Just a HUGE shout out to all of you for navigating the issues in the past and growing the business in new directions. I have held on and am super excited to all the new features and opportunities. THANK YOU!”

“Reviews are INCREDIBLY important to my clients!”


“Love the new site! Fingers crossed for the Instagram publishing!”

“I'm logged in, will probably just start using this as of today”

“We are brand new to Social Report and we are loving it! your customer service has been incredible. I've been searching for Reputation Management and haven't settled on one... so glad I waited! Happy to have it live in one spot!”

“Just logged in! Looks great. :-)” 

“I am super excited about Traject Social!”

Last piece of house keeping. It has been our pleasure to write informational articles for you on this blog. Don't worry, we won't stop providing valuable and educational social media content. You'll just want to hop on over to our new blog on Traject Social.